PWS Finishing

Our business was originally founded in 1948, PWS was then formed from this in 1989, based in Barley Lane Goodmayes where we offered a specialised range of paint finishes from stove enamel, two packs and MOD based applications. In 1997 we moved to larger premises benefitting from two large spray shops, one being enlclosed with filtered doors for high end finishes. Today we are still involved in MOD finishes, Stove enamel, Two Pack and Powder finishes and offer Alocrom 1200 pre treatment.

Power coating

Powder Coating has been accepted as a preferred finishing process. The powder finish is less susceptible to damage than a liquid finish. Hybrid Powders provide excellent adhesion and hardness for improved resistance to chipping, abrasion and corrosion, this finish is also flexible enough to be formable without cracking.

Stove enamel

Stove Enamelling is a process that involves the spraying of special stove enamelling paint onto an object which is then placed in an oven and heated to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time. This fast curing of the paint allows stoving paint to be applied in relatively thick coats to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and durable high gloss finish.

Two Pack

Two Pack paints provide a very hard, durable, super high gloss finish. Drying is assisted by the use of a hardener (the second part of the two pack system), this process takes place in our heated spray booth oven.

Alcorom 1200

Alcorom 1200 is ideal for coating all types of aluminium and aluminium alloys including high silicon pressure die-castings. Alcorom 1200 is approved to DEF-STAN 03-18 and to MIL-C-5541C and MIL-C-81706.